ECOWAS unveils rare documents at 40th anniversary exhibition


Staff at the Book Exhibition by Department of Communication on ECOWAS @ 40. Abuja, 3rd June, 2015. IMG_9158
Staff at the Book Exhibition by Department of Communication on ECOWAS @ 40. Abuja, 3rd June, 2015. DSC_1339 Staff at the Book Exhibition by Department of Communication on ECOWAS @ 40. Abuja, 3rd June, 2015. IMG_9152

As part of the archival side attractions for the ECOWAS 40th anniversary celebrations, more symbolic garlands are being unveiled at the Commission headquarters.

At its main entrance lobby, ECOWAS has set up an exhibition of documents which depicts and evokes the institutional memory of the organization. The exhibition is aptly captured by the phrase which is affixed to the bezel of the display desk and reads: ECOWAS: The Journey So Far

Carefully selected by the Library and Documentation Division, the documents which ordinarily opens an aperture through which the past, present and possibly the future of ECOWAS can be glimpsed at, include copies of the foundation treaty, protocols annexed to the treaty, Acts and Legal Documents, the booklet of reviewed treaty by eminent persons, the revised treaty (1993), staff Medical and Accidental Insurance Scheme, organization and management publications on ECOWAS institutions, Staff Regulation (1983-1992) as well as Projects and Programmes documents.

Other documents on display are those that bear the ECOWAS strategic plan, proposals (on integration, peace and security and rationalization) and decade-long milestones publications, Annual Reports as well as researched Papers on achievements and prospects.

There are also books and sundry paper binds on the anniversary shelves. Some of these literatures were penned by the founding fathers and respected elders statesmen like Ahmed Sekou Toure and his Des Etats-Unis d’ Afrique, Leopold Sedar Senghor’ work as well as professor Adebayo Adedeji’s Alternative Strategies to African Development as ventilated by Asante. There is also available, MOU Gasiokwu’s Problems of Citizenship and Free Movement as well as the compendium on Conflict Resolution and International Diplomacy by Ifeoha Azikiwe.

The exhibition also features early days’ newspaper cuttings conveying different messages and perspectives on the dream and reality of integration and on other divergent views.

The documents have been displayed chronologically essentially capturing different epochs of the life of ECOWAS.

Commenting on the selected anthology, the Library and Documentation officer Mr. Henry Nwagboso said the collection is not exhaustive but sufficiently captures and tells the ECOWAS story within minutes of a gazer’s tour.

It is intended that the unsaid message running through the soul of the exhibition mirrors some of the lines in the ECOWAS anthem that goes:

Each and every hand,

All will, hand in hand,

Ever progress happily in ECOWAS!

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